fireArt platform for your business automatization

TRIP booking for

Your Taxi Service
Furniture Trip Service
Cargo Trip service

DELIVERY book for

Your Pizza Shop service
Repair Equipment Service
Call Physician Service
Call Barber's Service

Admin panel & Website
(Responsive design, HTML5)

Client & Driver apps
(Android & iOS)

FullStack development by fireArt CRM help your business service function will be better!

Full-stack process of strategy, development & design:

- for mobile Android & iOS apps development;

- for admin web panel by fireArt platform development;

- for website with the responsive UI design, HTML5;

- for website development by fireArt platform;


Try the Demo for Taxi service

You can try the demo of website & admin panel for booking, registration, cabinet & admin panel operation.

What we do?

Low prices, short terms, convenient functions, your data location.

Mobile Apps development

Development with Android Studio;

Term 5 days, with min changes

Style add your logo, your colour spectrum

Price from 100$ per 1

Admin Panel development

Function user, types, trade

Style set your company account;

Data storage is MySQL

Price from 100$...

Website development

Function order, cabinet, messages

Style add your logo, colours

Design Responsive UI design

Price from 100$


We offer easy and profitable solution for your data to locate on our server with 24/7 support. Hosting from 30USD per month. Payment is for six months.

Connect to our server support! We provide our clients with the most favorable solutions!



We create responsive website and mobile application that are easy to use and perfectly adapted to your business according to the today's technology and clean code using.



Java web server Apache Tomcat

Java web server Apache Tomcat provides the fireArt database private scheme manipulation. Apache Tomcat works on Java servlet technology. The fireArt servlet named skyDrakkar allows send and receive data for users.The skyDrakkar provides %CENT% API for RESTful Web services. Easy connects to the fireArt database via jdbc drivers, additional functionallity easy provides in personal Java classes

skyDrakkar detailed...



Javascript library

Javascript library works with the fireArt objects of MySQL database.Each database object has javascript implementation. Supported API for Google, Yandex, OpenStreetMap maps providers.

Javascript library Javascript library detailed...



MySQL Database as data storage

The fireArt using MySQL Database as data storage for solution. For each separate businesses creates separate database scheme with personal tables, indexes, triggers and functions. The fireArt works with objects: customers, orders, purchases, products, payments, GPS sensors, GPS tracks, shipping, etc.


You book the project (website, admin panel, mobile Adnroid app, mobile iOS app) by website's online, by e-mail, by phone


We discuss the list of works, custom design, progress chart, cost


We approved list of works, custom design, progress chart, cost and you pay according booking account and your project is starting


You get your project

How its works?

More detail description...

Automatic order processing with minimal attendance of the dispatcher

Information exchange with the driver via the mobile application

Automatic notification of the customer about the status of the order

Watch Video

Website development by fireArt platform and mobile apps Android & iOS development for your taxi service.

Before you have decide to book development you can download a test Android app and try the demo admin panel for taxi service.

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